"Biometrics"; "Transmission from Jupiter" | CV2, winter 2018

"Dear Space Boyfriend" | CV2, spring 2017

"Actresses Fording the Dyea River on the Chilkoot Trail, 1867"; "Shifters" | Hamilton Arts & Letters, spring 2017

"Canoe Lake"; "Cusp"; "Girls Gone Wild"| Room, fall 2016

"Frontier Diaries" | The Puritan, fall 2016



Better Nature by Fenn Stewart | The Goose, spring 2018

Table Manners by Catriona Wright | Debutantes, Feb 2018

Kids' Corner: Books for the Holidays, 2017 | Hamilton Review of Books, Dec 2017

To Love the Coming End by Leanne Dunic | Debutantes, Oct 2017

Field Notes for the Alpine Tundra by Elena Johnson  | The Goose, spring 2016